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I had no idea they tried that once.

When was that, and what did they license and to whom ? ... More Info. ?
Another example would be the licensed machines that PowerComputing made in the mid 90's… Apple licensed the ability to sell machines running their OS (it was back in OS7/8/9 days…. And they were a pretty good value.

I had a what was essentially a 9600 clone, that clocked higher then any official apple offerings, had 6 nubus slots or whatnot which I ran my sample cell cards and tdm protools system off of….. worked like a charm…. It was a lot cheaper then the Apple equivalent. But then when Jobs came back (I believe), they yanked that pretty quick, and PowerComputing disappeared….

These were the says when apple was circling the drain big big time… but a lot of my friends had official clones back then, and I don't remember any problems.. (there was some weird video card driver you had to install or something, but that was it!)