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Old 11th July 2016
Here for the gear

I suppose it is a popularity contest as opposed to an objective comparison.

Serum should be above Massive, and these should be categorized by type of synthesis.

Serum has an overall better workflow (to most) a hands down better GUI that is cleaner, and shows more information, and the main thing is serum can do anything massive can do, but not the other way around.

Massive is also from like 2004, and while it's a great respectable program for it's time (my slightly biased opinion aside, as I hate the wall of knobs) Serum is still objectively better from a technical, mathematical, and practical standpoint imo.

I uninstalled Massive like a year after i got serum, as I didn't delve into it very much i was using more additive synths and vocoder stuff at the time i got it.