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Not well at all. When I purchased my Mac Pro in Feb - the entire store just stopped when I asked about buying a Mac Pro. The sales person at the Apple Store had to make sure they had one to sell me - as 'we don't sell hardly any units, your the first this year who wants to buy one'.
I wonder if your experience would be different if you had purchased it through an Apple reseller such as Sweetwater, B&H, etc. who specialize in the pro audio area and also sell Mac Pros.

The Mac Pro model might be something that is doing fine via their resellers who are much better positioned to deal with the professional market than are the brick and mortar retail Apple Stores.

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The store manager came out to thank me for my purchase, I got a card for their district manager (which I subsequently lost, not being a big purchaser and being in the middle of moving). I mean, once they were sure I wasn't gonna change my mind - they were rolling out the carpet for that puppy to head home with me.
Well, at least it sounds like they do consider it important, so that's cool.