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Thats just the gamble you have to take with technology. Its happened almost every time Ive bought a new Apple product. Bought a brand new 2002 Quicksilver 800mhz G4, a month or two later, Apple revs the line and every model now comes with dual processors for the same price. Bought the brand new 800Mhz Titanium Powerbook, not even a month later out comes the 1Ghz model. Brand new 10GB iPod, same thing. A month later here comes the new line that had twice the storage and wasn't a big hard drive sized brick. All of those products though served me well, I needed them when I got them and they did the job I wanted to do. The only one I did swap was the Powerbook. But that was because I wanted a faster G4 than my desktop had. I got lucky, since it was so new, a friend of mine bought it and I got a nice price for it, and it only cost me another $300 or so to order the newer one. I can see the hesitance to do it nowadays though. Back then when all those were bought, Apple wasn't so quick to kill off support for older products as they are now. My G4 was supported all the way up to the Intel change, and even after up until the OS became Intel only. Nowadays if your Mac is 4-5 years old you have to worry about whether the next OS will even allow you to install it or not. And once that happens, you start getting dropped for other software you rely on too as they follow Apple's convention and won't support the OS you are running.
And yet my 2008 Mac Pro has proven remarkably resilient through half a dozen OS upgrades, swapping in of SSD's, upgraded video card, etc. The new design really is brilliant, but it also utterly fails at the one thing that made the 2008 such a workhorse... the ability to cram more crap into it.

I'm running a 2013 trash can at work, and I love how quiet and fast it is, but I have to wipe the drive clean for each project to make room. Still waiting to upgrade my own machine until I see some real functional improvements and futureproofing. This next computer will likely cost more than my car, so not looking to tie myself to DDR3, TB2, low ram ceiling, low storage ceiling, etc.)