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Hello thanks for the message here, hum if I only had a budget of 3K, I would probably just get myself a new Macbook Pro, and decent midi controller :-)

Some other things I might consider

1. Zoom H6, handy portable recorder that has the ability to record up to 6 inputs. Also has 4 mic inputs and can also be used as a sound card interface to your computer. Super handy for grabbing quick recordings or can record line level synths and stuff on the go. It never leaves my bag, at $399 its a steal.

2. Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer, this is another device I carry with me everywhere I go, its so versatile, its a sampler, sequencer, synthesizer, 4-track tape recorder, and portable MIDI controller to my laptop. I absolutely love this thing, its great when I need to work on the road. I have seen them go used between $550-$650. Incredible value for all they have packed in there.

3. Elektron Octatrack - If you wanted to avoid using a computer setup, the Octatrack would be my next choice. Its a 8 channel sampler workstation, with onboard 16-track sequencer (eight internal, eight MIDI). This unit is excellent I could completely use this alone if I had nothing else. I have seen these go for around $950 used, incredible value.

4. Fireface UCX or Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO. I use both RME and Universal Audio cards here at the studio. I have found both brands to be solid investments and offer great features at great price points. :-)