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Hello Val, thanks for your message, yes I do use a lot of drum machines here at my studio. I am a big drum machine junkie to be honest. Here is a list of my favorites that I use here and why:-)

1. Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII - Excellent probably my favorite drum machine of all time, so flexible, and with the sampling option makes this a work horse power house. I love this machine for all the drum synthesis machines, you can really craft and create almost anything with it.
2. Elektron Analog Rytm - Been another recent favorite of mine, I love the new Scene mode switching, very cool for doing drastic changes to programs. The latest OS 1.30C update with 12 new drum engines is superb! I like the ability to mix your own samples with analog voicing on this machine. Been using this a lot lately.

3. Dave Smith Tempest - Love the layout and modulation section on this unit. Its got a very unique sound, and I also worked on the initial factory drum programs. What is neat is that you can use the Tempest like a analog synthesizer and play melodies along with percussion. This one is also wonderful for designing some of your own custom percussion sounds.

4. Roland TR8 - this has been an excellent machine for me, I still have the original TR-707, 727, 808, 909, and 606 drum machines here, which I still love. This is nice in that its all in one machine now with the expansion packs loaded. I love the scatter function and built in effects. A really solid machine, and I always have this one setup to record on many of my track sessions.

5. Nord Drum 2, although not really a drum machine, its a wonderful 6 voice drum modeling synthesis engine, and has been a life saver for my recent modular sets. What I really love is the the Tone Section which is specialized for creating tonal and harmonically complex sound spectras and has three synthesis modes – Resonant synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis and Frequency Modulation synthesis. You can just about make any sound you want on the ND2, plus its so portable I take it with me almost everywhere :-)