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Hi Russ,
I know this is an obvious questino but nonetheless I think many visitors to this forum will be very interested in your approach to monitoring. Are you a large/nearfield ns 10/auratone guy or a more esoterci ProAc user?
I'm really interested in this, and any tips you have on monitoring while mixing.
Thanks for your time Russ,
hello again iwan,

i really rely on my ns10's and aurotones. i'm probably on the ns10's about 75% of the time, monitoring at various volumes through the session. i try and stay conscious of monitoring very loud for long periods of time but sometimes you just can't help turning it up. i do want to save as much of my hearing as possible. but i've gotten into the habit of monitoring at low volumes and when you get used to, it's a good way of checking things at the end of the mix. i check my bottom on the krk E8's and dynaudio BM15a's. i check things in mono on the aurotone and listen at medium volumes. for me, after listening to all sorts of frequencies for a long period and my ears are feeling tired, the aurotone will just put everything flat and my ears kind of just recalibrate that wierd?

i also like using the little speakers that are part of the meter bridge on the studer a80 or a820 2 trks. if i'm going for a specfic sound overall in the mix and it's aggressive in it's frequency responses and there's lots of information going on, i'll try and listen to every speaker that's available to me.

if i'm mixing at a studio for the first time, i'll try and listen to as many different systems as i can find (cars, boom boxes, computers, etc), just so i can get a feel for how it's translating in the "real world". this is good practice in general.

all the best