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I see, but I think, it's just matter of habit.. I've worked with quite a few devices with digitally controlled volume controls and never have any issues with that. Similarly with RME devices, if physical outputs are assigned to main volume control, levels were always correctly recalled upon power-up. Also as the interface is completely functional standalone (kinda like digital mixer), it doesn't rely on TotalMix software to store the level value.. it's happening inside of box.
Similarly, your concern with software issue (eg. DAW or plugin crashes and produce some noise burst or repeated buffer with high-pitched patter) doesn't make any problem, because all that happens in computer, before signal goes to hardware DSP with volume control.. so this signal can't really go with full blast at unity level to your monitors.

Only thing, which I always do regardless of used interface or mixer, is proper startup sequence - eg. source first, then monitors..
I don't remember how exactly is at UCX, but some devices has anti-thump circuit, which switches off main outputs until device is fully powered, so it can avoid usual power-on pop, but mentioned powering order makes it is safe regardless of used device or particular line outputs feeding your monitors.

Of course, you can add some additional analog monitor controller, but I definitely wouldn't do that just for better feel, digitally controlled monitor is naturally free of any low level tracking issues and outputs has always constant output impedance to monitors. If more tactile control will be a nice thing to have for you, then I would consider RME ARC.. which is multifunctional controller, that can be used with UCX.. again, although you can set it via TotalMix software, controls works directly with interface.

Thank you very much Michal for clearing this up. I was probably too quick to panic over here.
Probably because of the shock of my 1032's blasting at full volume for a few secs!
I've now set up my Main outputs correctly, and the 1032's input sensitivity is turned all the way down.
I'm finding that my monitors can still be turned up pretty loud, even with the -10 dBV setting, but if the UCX stores all its settings and remembers where it took off, I'm guessing that won't be a problem.

This has been educational :-)

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