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Hey Russ!
The above album was never released in the U.S., which is a shame because I think it's every bit an accomplishment as "Voodoo." (Which I adore, in the interest of disclosure.)

After listening for the first time I concluded that it was a sort of "sister" album to "Voodoo." Tight rhythm section, lyrics that at times are almost inaudible (for different reasons of course), Keziah's ever-present Nigerian influences to D's "Africa," etc. Most important--his funkiest album to date.

Would you care to share your experiences working on this album? Also, would it be fair to say he sought you out after digging the sonics of "Voodoo"?
Thanks! Dom
hello tom,
yes, i too am a big fan of keziah's. he's a sick guitar player as well. it's interesting that you relate it to voodoo.
the producer for that album, Kevin Armstrong, is a fan of voodoo, and played it for keziah and that pretty much sold him on me. and i hadn't heard keziah's music either. but when they sent me the rough's and his previous albums, i thought, wow, what interesting music this is. so there was no hesitation for me to agree to mix his album. not to mention they wanted to do it in paris!

from the start kevin and keziah gave me full autonomy on the mixes. i definitely had a vision right away with the album. he can be really abstract at times and then very beautiful at other times. i knew a psychedelic and edgy approach would be just right for him. also, i heard frank zappa in his music as well as the obvious influences. so after i finished the 1st song (which i cant remember) they knew what i was capable of doing with his songs and just let me go for it. so i had a lot of fun working on that and the creativity was flowing like know being in paris, working with amazing people, excellent vibes at the studio, the expresso, etc. all the right chemistry for making an incredible album. wait to you hear his next one...i'll be back with some more later.

ps: i know his albums are hard to come by in the US, but if you're interested in buying his albums, i'll see how it can be arranged...(hope this is okay jules. let me know if it's not proper)