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What about HW drum machines ?

Hello Richard,
First, thank you for doing this. I took some time to thought about what I could ask you because you share your knowledge and stuff a lot. Lots of interviews, articles, etc.
Your live setup breakdown in 2015 was very interesting. So thank you for doing all of that too.

I know you are more about modular and software,
But I noticed that you have numerous drum machines in your studio : elektron, tempest, electribe i think. Maschine also, can be considered as a drum machine maybe ... Well it's not stand alone.
And that ND2 in your live setup.

So I was wondering questions like : which one was your favorite, which is the most inspiring, which is the nicest for drums sound design ... And why, obviously.
Also feel free to add anything you think relevant to this. Saw that there's a thread about processing.

Thanks !