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Old 7th July 2016
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Ha I don't know if I could be considered the Jordan Rudess of electronic instruments, just a humble knob tweaker here :-) As for new technology, not really new but really been digging the Sanken CO-100k microphone. An omnidirectional super wide range condenser microphone with an extended frequency response of 20Hz to 100kHz. I have been going out a lot lately and recording sounds at 192khz. Then pitch shifting down these recordings, in the computer. The detail is staggering, and I have gotten some really amazing sounds with it. The interesting thing I have noticed on some of my recordings with this microphone is the strange things that pop out at these lower pitches. At the normal speed, you don't hear anything out of the ordinary, but as soon as you pitch it down at the highest sampling rate some strange things start to emerge. Its happened on a few of my night time field recordings (insects/bats). I am not entirely sure what some of these sounds are, but its an interesting area I have been exploring.
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