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Apple has always had a struggle competing in the enterprise market. IBM blew them away in the 80s, and Apple just never caught up. Wozniak's Apple line was catered to hobbyists, and somewhat to business. The II/II+/IIe were loaded with options for expandability to do whatever you needed to do, that was what Wozniak wanted. Room to grow and come up with new ways to use your computer. The Mac was Jobs' baby and just never managed to break out in the business world The earlier lines of them just didn't have the expandability like they did later on down the line, when the 'pizza box' Macs came out and you could finally add peripheral cards inside the cases. By that time, the market was already so saturated with DOS/Windows machines there was no way they were going to catch up. Macs also priced themselves out a lot of the time too, they were ridiculously expensive compared to PCs in the 80s/90s. Its gotten better today in some respects but anyone that knows their hardware can put together a Hackintosh equivalent to the top of the line Macs for less money.