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I'm convinced that Apple culture is just not compatible with the enterprise world (big business).

Apple likes to be secretive and then suddenly announce disruptive changes to standard interfaces and form factors. That's fine for consumers, where the product is replaced every 2-3 years.

But the enterprise world is loaded with sunk costs and cannot react quickly to these changes. Major business need more backwards compatibility than consumers. Apple is notorious for abruptly abandoning product lines and not wanting to support anything more than three years old.

In the enterprise world, developers are in constant contact with their customers, in order to ensure that the new products fit their needs. Apple just comes down from the mountain and dictates the new changes, take it or leave it. Again, that's fine for consumer products, but it's not appropriate in the enterprise.

The only Apple product to make a serious impact in the enterprise is the iPhone. And that's mainly because of the iPhone's success in the consumer world. Sure, Marketing and Audio/Video organizations tend to use Macs, but only for those express purposes. Almost no one runs web servers, databases or serious enterprise resource planning software on a Mac.