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As the OP, I wanted to post that, just now, after suffering (not hyperbole) for days with trying to get my vocals to sound the way I wanted them to, I thought, "Okay, what the hell, let me try this CLA plugin again"--and voila, I was able to get them dialed in right away with the most minimal of tweaking to one of CLA's presets.
I am thankful.
Exactly the same situation I had - couldn't get some vocals to sit well at all and couldn't be arsed to spend hours on them (I'm only a hobbyist after all). Got an email from Waves literally a few minutes later with the CLA Vocals on sale, had some voucher code too so picked it up for $21. Within a minute I had the vocals sounding the way I wanted them too.

I also have CLA Drums and Guitars (both purchased massively discounted!) - don't use them much but when I do, they get me out of a fix.