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Old 5th July 2016
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MIDI triggering on note release


I'm having problems with midi triggering in Cubase 5.

I'm far from an expert, but I know a midi signal is triggered at when a key is pressed and again when it's released, with the release signal triggering the 'decay' of the note.

However, what currently happens is I press a note and see in the control panel that a 'midi in' signal has been registered, but no sound. It's only when I release the note and the second 'midi in' signal is registered that the sound is heard. What's more the sound continues with infinite sustain, and if I press the same note more times, the same number of random notes will be added so I end up with a random chord.

In the Key Editor, quite a few notes are greyed out, like they are being pressed down on the keyboard, but I'm not playing anything and haven't written any notes in.

This appears to happen across all my VST instruments and projects. I'm not at all sure how to tackle it so I would appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance.