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It's anecdotal, but whenever I walk past my local Apple Centre - like, today - I see a trashcan on display in the far corner of the shop where nobody would notice it unless they actively looked for it. I've never, ever seen anyone take the smallest amount of interest in it, including the staff.
I think you guys are confusing the lack of demonstrative communication from Apple over pro-products , with lack of interest from Apple over pro-products. Entirely different things.

Pre-iPhone era, Apple used to buy lots of ads in magazines for their MacPros and pro-software. But even during the Steve Jobs era, they stopped doing that, and kept only heavily advertising their consumer products, for a simple reason : Internet.
They simply figured out that pro users have their own information channels, mostly specialized forums like this one, or specialized tech blogs and website. They simply didn't need to communicate and spend money advertizing their pro products since the pro-users themselves do it for them. I mean, just slook at the "New Products" section of GS. Most of the announcements are made by users of this forum, not by the manufacturers themselves.

Do we really care that the MacPro is sitting in a small corner of their Apple Stores wich are really just made for ordinary consumers ? It's like people being disappointed that Windows servers are not visibly on display in their Walmart or BestBuy store, or Sony not visibly showing up their $60.000 CineAlta film cameras next to the PS4 playstation and flat Tvs in Sony stores and interpreting it as lack of interest from Microsoft and Sony in the pro markets.

Lack of media presence from Apple for pro products doesn't equal lack of interest.
I bet 90% of people here never even heard of these huge and totally under-mediatized news : Apple recently stricking a deal with IBM with the latter creating more than a 100 business apps specifically for iOS and making it the official OS for its clients, as well as buying tens of thousands of Macs for its employees. Apple is almost becoming the main hardware and OS supplier for IBM.
Or Apple making a huge partnership with SAP ( the biggest maker of enterprise business applications): Why Apple SAP partnership is smart - Business Insider

Does IBM and SAP strike you as consumer companies ? I think Apple is actually becoming even more interested now in the pro world ( pro users extend beyond the audio/video world) than under Steve Jobs !