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I really have to wonder how well the trash-can MP's are selling. The price seems prohibitively high, and the lack of expansion makes it a non-starter for many pros, including myself. Other than graphic designers, I wonder who's buying them and how many they've sold.

I just upgraded the CPU's in my 2010 MacPro 5.1, and with SSD's and 12 cores at 3.3 ghz, I can hang on for a while yet. But I wish Apple had a new machine I could seriously aspire to.
Not well at all. When I purchased my Mac Pro in Feb - the entire store just stopped when I asked about buying a Mac Pro. The sales person at the Apple Store had to make sure they had one to sell me - as 'we don't sell hardly any units, your the first this year who wants to buy one'. The store manager came out to thank me for my purchase, I got a card for their district manager (which I subsequently lost, not being a big purchaser and being in the middle of moving). I mean, once they were sure I wasn't gonna change my mind - they were rolling out the carpet for that puppy to head home with me.

Given that kind of reaction - I'd guess the post-Jobs Apple really doesn't know what to do with the Mac Pro, or any of the business-centered products. They exist, they kind of support them sort of... but they aren't really focused on their long term viability.

Frankly, I would not be surprised in the LEAST if they announced they were discontinuing the Mac Pro line entirely - they put a bullet in the head of their Thunderbolt display versus updating it, and given how lousy they sell - I can only imagine that there will be a bean-counter out there looking at the Mac Pro as a losing proposition to support when iPads, iPhones, and iMacs make them much more money.

Hate to be a Debby Downer....I -Love- my Mac Pro, so I hope I am wrong. I will gladly eat my words.