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Ok, thanks. One thing that has me baffled though is that it says here that Pure2 has ADAT:
But ADAT and optical Spdif runs through the same cables right? How would UFX know that it's adat and not spdif optical. Sorry if this is confusing. It might also be wrong on the musicstore site, that it's infact not adat but just optical spdif.
Pure2 does not have ADAT. This means that connecting it to the UFX will only allow access to one of the Pure2's DA's. You will have the current capabilities of the UFX plus one higher-quality stereo AD and DA.

The Pure2 may be great quality, but the connectivity is awful. Something like the Lynx Hilo will do what you want to do without the limitations of the Pure2. The Lynx can be connected to your UFX using ADAT, so you have full access to the Hilo's AD and the 3 DA's. And you can still connect another AD-DA using AES or optical SPDIF on the UFX.