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I am talking about working in two studio's mainly, both studio's have monitors and cables already, I don't use PCIE cards, so I only need the mac and a couple of SSD, I realise this isn't a usual case scenario, but for me it works out great.

As I have said though I totally understand why some people don't like it, but I also think that if you are just using it in one location then it isn't so bad even with some peripherals, I guess if you use PCIE cards then that could be a bit much but I suspect most people don't use cards anymore, so that really only leaves the Hard drives which I prefer external anyway because they are so easy to swap in a good dock.

Apple isn't going to go back to big enclosures, so I just hope they continue to make high end powerful mac pro's, if they stop then I think it would be a big loss, so I look to the positives and try to get the best out of it, I think its pretty impressive to have a mac so powerful that I can just grab with one hand and throw into a bag, that runs almost silent, and uses so little electric, I like it.
Sorry I took so long to respond, Rico!

Thank you for replying, mate.