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Old 3rd July 2016
Here for the gear

Apollo8p convertors vs Rosetta 800?

Hey all. For years, I've been using 2 Apogee Rosetta 800s as my multitrack ADC/DAC, an Apogee mini DAC for monitoring, and an Apogee Big Ben for WC sync. I'm thinking about slimming down my rig, and basing it around a single Apollo 8p, an Apollo Twin (both t-bolt), a maxed-out MacBook Pro and 2 external usb3 ssd's for recording and sample streamng respectively.

Can any of you tell me from experience whether the DA/AD conversion in the latest Apollos is in the same league as these particular Apogee products?

Also, do you think the ssds will still function well if connected to the Mac via a usb3 hub, along with an ilok and an extrrnal qwerty keyboard? Would like to dedicate the MacBook's other usb port to my Virus TI, which is a usb hog.

Thanks for any advice.