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Old 1st July 2016
Here for the gear

I appreciated hearing from 12tone, and the other posters. As to the question about "support," Marcel's reply is correct. They contacted me first! That's crazy! There was no problem, it was just a question about the logistics of their patchbay software. I grew up with hard-wired TT patch bays, so I had to ask a simple (or "simpleton's") question about their digital version. I wouldn't have even bothered them with it, but since I already "had them on the line..." You'll not be disappointed with the Goliath. I/O limitations are really fading into history. And here's one REALLY important feature: multiple units can be ganged together will FULL use of I/O count, both analog and digital. I can assure you from personal experience with other MAJOR manufacturers, that is NOT the case, currently. Some can't be aggregated at all in Nuendo7/PT12, and others can only use parts of the I/O. That's a big deal, in my opinion. Downsides? None, so far. (OK, a MIDI I/O would be icing on the cake, but I'm not barking about it.) I have a feeling these guys are going to ramp up their software efforts in the future, which will add even more value to this package. We've really reached a golden age in audio where anything is possible. When I started digital editing in the '80s, the edits were DESTRUCTIVE. If you screwed up, you had to reload, in REAL time, and re-do the edit. Even something as simple as a fade. Only 4 tracks of 16bit/44 could be sent to a SCSI drive at a time. And stuff was EXPENSIVE then. The cost per channel of I/O has fallen dramatically, and the quality has skyrocketed.This is the sweet spot for the Goliath. You're not going to find better conversion at any price. "Sound quality" is superb in all respects. It has a VERY smooth character. Much closer to high-end analog than most of the other great units out there. I'm not bashing any of the big names. We all use them, they all are great products. I just really like this Goliath so far, and am looking forward to using it a lot more. I hope y'all will be as happy as I am with it! Best wishes! ET