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All I can offer is some general info that may be of help. A quick google search on your MCI tape deck brought this up link: AnalogRules / BASE the MCI / Sony 'How To' pages... and reading down that page it stresses that the unit's power supply fans NEED to be working properly for the deck to be right. What this means is that for fan replacement you need to provide something that moves a similar amount of air (or more) than the original or you could impede your deck. When people replace fans for quieter ones it commonly means the fan they substitute moves less air via slower speed of the fan blades turning. Fans will be spec'ed by what power they use (AC or DC) and if DC by what voltage they use (like 12 volts). Next they will spec by their size. Typically you would match these specs so the fan fits and is powered correctly (if you can fit a bigger fan it will be to your advantage though). Next specs on fans are for the speed (RPM, which can be varied by the voltage), the volume of air it moves for that speed (CFM), and noise it makes doing so (dB). You can compare specs to get the lowest noise at the amount of air you need to move.

The things that effect fan noise in general are the larger the fan and the slower it rotates, the LESS noise it makes. To put this in practical use, can you use a larger fan than the original that moves an equal amount of air at a slower speed? Some fan designs will be quiter than others too (that's what comparing specs apples to apples will give you (noise at a given CFM of air movement).

In the old days it was not uncommon to have a "Tape Deck closet" in the control room with a glass door. This was typically just a notch in the wall for the deck to sit in that had EXTRA ventilation and by nature of it having a door, its noise of operation was greatly reduced. That might be something to consider also.