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the roots mixologies...


you know the thing with a lot of the songs i've mixed for the roots is, i can barely remember the things i did. this is because i might have tried 2 or 3 or more different treatments, then realize that idea #2 was the best. so even just a few months later i really can't remember what i might have used or even how i got a particular effect. i had to listen to "the seed" again before i could answer some of the questions about it. you know, you get into a zone and you try a bunch of things and everything gets bunched up in the memory. sort of like a whirlwind of idea's are tried (or just thought and not tried) and they all blend into one. but i think i'll have insight to give.

ahmir likes a lot of textures in the mix. so i approach the mixes for the roots/ahmir not only from a hip hop, soul and rock perspective but from a psychedelic perspective. i know that roots fans are people who are conscious, open minded, smart, edgy and probably very big music lovers. i don't underestimate the listener. like, i don't think anyone's gonna miss any subtle or not so subtle things i do in the mix. and it could be that they feel it more on a subconscious level. in fact, i can picture some people with their ipods on and hearing something in the mix and they're taken to another place for a few moments. a moment in the mix when the listener's imagination is captured and there's nothing else they're thinking about.

i also keep the frame of mind that i'm working with a group that rely so much on how they sound.
ahmir has a way of pushing me further than anyone, maybe with the exception of D. there's been plenty of time when he'll say, "i want the drums to be super dirty". and he'd leave for a minute and i'll get to work on it. when he get's back he'll say "cool, that sounds great, but go even further now". and i'm thinking (in my head) wow i thought i had gone far enough. how do i go further? i can do just about anything that's crazy and 9 times out 10 he'll like it. he's not afraid to push the bounderies which is one of the most important things i've learned from him. you can't push it if you don't take a risk.

Gotta go for now...but as usual, i'll be back.
feel free to ask questions...

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