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Excellent analysis!

I don't think enough attention gets paid to the idea of value. We tend to look at absolute cost as a metric for evaluating gear while failing to look at a piece of gear in the larger context of performance per dollar relative to its competition. That's the tough part: specifically defining something's relative value.

Add scalability, and lots of reference points become pretty slippery.

That's why--to go back to my previous automotive reference--engineers speak in terms of specific power, not absolute power.

But, these threads are fun I guess, so there's that.

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I see your point, and that analysis would be interesting. But assigning a per-channel value is not so straight forward. Economists probably have known how to value index a scalable commodity for eons, but I don't know. Maybe a reader here does. For example, what's the "correct" value in the following two scenarios (even with the same make and model preamp)...

A 2ch Pueblo micpre system [PS34+JR2/2] is $1099 per channel.


A 16ch Pueblo micpre system [PS34+4xJR4] is only $465 per channel!