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I know there are very few single channel mic preamps that are >=$2.5k and a lot of mic pres you can only get as 2 channel minimum or as pseudo-channel strips (Neve 1073, etc.) but isn't it getting a little ridiculous to go to 4 channel preamps if you can get the exact same thing at a smaller channel count? Does this open it up to 8 channel racks, etc just to meet the dollar threshold?

If there is a poll, there should definitely be a price/channel to separate the financially high-end from those that aren't.
Agreed on all your points - we take that into consideration and there will be more polls/nominations in that regard. BTW, my own personal favorite (API 3124) falls into those lines - per channel it's sub 2.5k but it's MSRP it's over 2.5k.