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I have and use both. "Must-have"? If you didn't have ANY Pultec-style in Nebula or Acqua, I'd say one of them was a must-have. But because price-points are so good given the value and usage, I'd say get both unless you really need to conserve the pennies. And if that's the case, don't lose sleep over it, know that you already have ONE of the finest Pultec "plugins" known in this life.

I have always maintained that I prefer Nebula to Acqua anyway. But with some of the recent (and huge) forward strides in this tech, I AM enjoying the luxury of the sleek GUI's of Acqua with zero feelings that I have sacrificed sound.
i do like both platforms very much
they compliment each other very well

my money goes to the pink compressor bundle this month though hehe
so i will make my own custom graphics for Dual Tech in nyrv in the meantime and perhaps get the P-1 later

thanks for you're answer