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It's effectively $2.5k with the mandatory power supply. Add another $1k for the phantom power module.

It, somewhat like the Gordon, is a component system, and the power supply will power up to four modules of any combination between the 4 channel DC coupled unit, the phantom power unit, and the two channel DC/w/phantom unit.

By the way, I'm just relaying information. I have never used or heard a Pueblo--would love to though.
Interesting stuff - thanks for the heads up. Did some research on their website, our nominee for the over $2.5k vote would be their "Preamp System" consisting of the JR4 Pre, P4 phantom power module and the PS34 PSU.

I'll leave the JR2/2 Stereo Preamp/Phantom Combo + PS34 PSU on the sub $2.5k list.

Thanks once again - always learning a new thing!