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Old 21st June 2016
Final week for nominations so here's a round-up of what we have so far:

ADT V776
AMS Neve 1073DPA
AMS Neve 1084
API 3124
Aurora GTQ-2
Aurora GTQC
BAE 1023
BAE 1084
Buzz Audio ARC1.1
Chandler Limited LTD-1
Crane Song Flamingo
DW Fearn VT-1
DW Fearn VT-2
EAR 824
Gordon Audio Model 5
Great River Electronics MEQ-1NV
Great River MP-2NV
Greg Hanks Design BA660
Hendy Amps Mosaic
John Hardy Jensen Twin Servo 990 2ch
LaChapell Audio Model 992EG
Manley TnT
Maselec MMA-4XR
Mercury M76m MKIII Single
Neve 1073 DDP
Neve 1073 DPX
Pendulum MDP-1
Rens Heijnis Custom Built Preamp
Retro OP-6
RND 5024
RND Portico II Channel
Schoeps VSR-5
Sonic Farm Creamer Plus
Tomo Audiolabs LIAM
Wunder PEQ2R

Please forgive me if anything slipped by, please chime-in and remind me if anything is missing and I'll update the list.

Thanks everyone for the contributions!