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In 3 spaces, you could go 500 series with LaChapell 583s or 583e and add other flavor EQs/comps. Also, I think there is a LaChapell 992 in classifieds, but not sure. I have not heard that unit in person, but different/more colored sound than 583 pres. Won't get you EQ, but is 2U and you could add a 1U stereo eq underneath it. I thought about Rooster also recently and decided to go with pair of LaChapell 583s. Yet to receive them, so cannot give real review, but watch James Lugo's video where he tests a bunch of sources on one, and I felt flexibility of tone in pre due to independent input/output levels and ability to vary how hard you want to hit it was worth investment. There is a 2U (500-2U) 583e version with the eq attached on eBay now still I think, but I felt the LaChapell 583e/503 eq was more transparent than what I wanted from clips I heard (though great sounding, but not colored, which I wanted), so I ordered 583s preamps only, so I can run with AML 1073, Avedis E27 or Pultec EQs, depending on need. Your needs may be different, but I was thinking about similar question, so figured I would chime in with what I arrived at so far. Others who have them could maybe comment on their personal use of these pieces, but maybe could fit for you. Would love to know your experience testing out Rooster generally and how it compared with Earlybird.

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