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I purchased a 5.1 3.46GHz 2009 12-core some time back. It does benchmark close to the 2013 12-core Mac Pro for 64-bit multi-core. I also have eight internal drives and didn't have to spring for costly TB encloses. It was a fraction of the cost of what Apple's top end still runs.

Latest developer version results show the 5.1 2009 Mac Pro being compatible with MacOS Sierra. I think that there is a good chance that all the 5.1 Macs will continue to be OS supported for a few more years regardless of them being 2009-2010-2012 models. A few years later and the 2013 Mac Pro will probably also be cut loose.
Are you sure Sierra will support it?? I just saw an article yesterday about all the new features and whatnot (I wanted to read about the new filesystem) and it listed the requirements as 2010 Mac Pros and up. This actually has me worried that Apple is going to kill off my 2010 Pro after this release. I guess well see when the public beta comes out next month. Cant see any reason why they would throw out the 2009s though, its essentially the same hardware as the 2010s just older CPUs.