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Hi climber,

Well... It's 2016, not 2013, and I'm waiting for the next generation Mac Pros to be released, because I don't plan to buy over three year old technology, especially computers from Apple.

Apple is way behind on refreshing their Mac Pro line. so that is one of the reasons I'm patiently waiting for the next generation Mac Pros, and not bitching about it .. I still use my Intel-Based cheese grater 2006 Mac Pro 8 core for various applications, but not for music production. One thing I should be bitching about is that I can't upgrade my 2006 Mac Pro to the any OSX other than Lion, because Apple said so, and that's the end of the road for it, so it is stuck in OSX Lion-Land. and support for OSX Lion is being dropped gradually by various application developers.

I'm now using a powerful custom made PC-DAW running Cubase Pro 8.5 (Windows 8.1), but I would love to integrate a Mac into my music production system, and use it for other applications as well. so that has to be the next generation Mac Pro. I don't need/want a laptop, or an iMac for music production applications.

Hopefully Apple will deliver the next generation Mac Pros this coming FALL the latest.

That would be a 2008 3,1 MacPro you are referring to. Mine happily runs El Cap. BTW