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Old 24th March 2007
helllo daniel,

i just finished up mixes for talib kweli. i've always wanted to work with him and this album is really strong. songs i worked on were done by hi-tek, mad lib and co production and playing by eric krasno from the group "soulive".

another exciting one for me was mixing a couple songs on angelique kidjo's next album. i got a chance to work with 2 living legends, angelique and producer tony visconti. also one of the songs i mixed featured a duet with peter gabriel. i'm a big fan of gabriel's so it was a real honor for me to "get sounds" on his voice. it gave me goosebumps while i was eq'ing his voice and thinking of something cool to do with him. and also thinking, wow he's gonna hear this when i'm done! the other featured artist, equally exciting, was alicia keys. she sounds better than ever!

also just finished another full album (recorded and mixed) for "Corneille" an artist from canada (originally from Rwanda). another one that's full analog, from start to finish. it's more of a pop album and slightly different departure for me. but he came to me as an artist who is a fan of albums like voodoo, keziah, erykah, etc. so he wanted my analog sound from the beginning and i'm very happy with the album. look for him coming to the US sometime at the end of the year. this will be his first english speaking album.

i've been cutting basic tracks on and off for a year for living legend Al Green. and helping with the song writing and production is ahmir and james poyser! this is going to have a great sound and songs.

another living legend, Roberta Flack, will be blessing my gear again with her voice coming up in the next couple of months with producer/bass player Jerry Barnes whom i worked with on her last album.

i'll be back to talk about stuff i've been producing for "krystle warren & the faculty" and keziah jones.

ps: i apologize if my coming and going on these threads are frustrating at all to anybody, but it's easier for me to do spurts of writing because i may be in the middle of a session and also i'm able to get to other people as well....

all the best