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I really have to wonder how well the trash-can MP's are selling. The price seems prohibitively high, and the lack of expansion makes it a non-starter for many pros, including myself. Other than graphic designers, I wonder who's buying them and how many they've sold.
A 5K iMac is actually a better fit for most graphic designers. I should know, I use one for most of my lighter duty work.

The Mac Pro was targeting almost exclusively video editors, color correctors & compositors doing 4K (and sometimes 8K) video work, and in typical Apple fashion the 5K iMac made this confusing as the external Apple Cinema display is actually subpar to the screen in the 5K iMac while the iMac suffers from a lackluster GPU selection (underpowered ATI choices with a default VRAM choice of 2GB and 4GB tops, rediculous). Rumors about an updated 5K Cinema Display with thunderbolt connectivity & a built in GPU were not found to be true as of WDC 2016, so things are still .. weird. You can get an underpowered GPU & CPU (compared to the Mac Pro trashcan) and a better screen, or deal with using 3rd party (non-Apple) hardware and the Trashcan...or....

Apple can be silly at times.

For audio users who can handle the task a hackintosh is a far far better option these days.