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Old 24th March 2007
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I assisted Russell about 10 years ago while D was doing a track for the Space Jam soundtrack. What was interesting at the time is something that has stuck with me and influenced me a lot- Russell actually had a relationship with D. They got along. Russell understood him, he understood Russell. Take the Hit Factory out of it, take the label out of it, take the money out of it- they would have still wanted to make music together.

As a matter of fact, at the the time they were talking about doing a very Gearslutty thing in setting up a studio somewhere down south.

If you all want any hint of how to get that sound, learn how to get along with musicians and make sure the studio is completely cool the entire time everyone is there. The only other engineer I ever assisted who was as easy to be around and made the studio disappear as well was Warren Ryker, who worked with the Fugees.

Go figure. Cool makes cool.

Along with the team that was making the Seal track at the same time, my entire career was changed by those sessions. The thought of going back to a world where engineers babysat drum machines on records they didn't really like that much made by artists and producers they really didn't know, care about, or respect really sucked.