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I can comment. I have a B80 mothership, B32, B2ADC and the Convert 2 DAC. I love the Burl sound and can listen to both. The Convert2 was sent to me just just to use in the interm for a DAC. It's not going back. Listen to it in your room, see if it helps with what you hear and feel right about. I believe the Convert sound is complimented by the Burl input, output and summing.
Thanks for the comments, And thanks bzone,- a testimonial to owning BOTH really appeals to my sensibilties! (lord knows, my pocketbook may differ ) I did just buy a Burl MS 4/8 and Grace M905 analog, and I think the Convert 2 would be a sweet DAC for monitoring duties! After that- I'm set for life! (...or next year at the very earliest)