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Hi David,
didn't know you used a Trident desk.
Can I ask you what mixing desks you've owned and used over the years, and what is your opinion?
Did that influence your sound? What do you work with right now? What's your "dream desk"?
I have been through TONS of desks. I seem to have a problem
First was my Tascam 3500 which I used for years.
Then I had a huge Soundcraft TS24
Then I found a large ABE custom desk. Apparently it came from a well known hamburg studio..
I can't remember them all. There was a Tactile Technologies M4000 (?), the Trident, my MCI JH618, D&R Orion, Chilton Q3 (I had 4 of them!) Siemens C3 and recently a large Siemens Sitral. I still use the D&R Orion as it sounds good, is practical, clean, doesn't take up that much space and has loads of inputs. I also still have the MCI JH618 and Siemens.
I don't know why I do this! It's not sensible.
I just love mixing desks and for sure they are central to how things sound.
My dream desk is tough. If I was ordering new I would Probably call ADT in Germany. A classic Neve would be cool. I think as far as features and practicality goes, an SSL AWS would be pretty amazing.
I'd still probably say that my MCI JH618 is my dream desk due to it's history (ex Kling Klang studios). That is special to me.
I think to trump that I would need to have the desk from the Manor studios that was used for "Rubycon" by Tangerine Dream.