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Thanks for taking time for Q&A David!

From the ground zero 'have an idea' to the 'this works' calculus, could you take a moment to describe how a potential audience fits in w/your process (if they do at all)?
Hi there
I honestly don't try and think of any potential audience. I am clear that my musical world is quite small in the greater scheme of things and for people to like what I do, they probably appreciate most of things I release or at least enjoy what I am trying to say. So I try to make music I like.
I would say the only thing I feel responsible to any buyers for is quality and originality. Does it reach a level that I am happy with, have I got everything I can get out of the idea and is it original?
If I fail on those 3 points, I would work some more on it and change it or abandon it.
Hope that answers the question somewhat?