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In search of Hitachi prod. in Canada;

I've been having inordinate trouble in contacting & locating the Hitachi distributors retailers or resellers in Canada.

It seems that on top of that, these SCSI Hard Drives are getting a lot more difficult to find in Canada, (-especially any of the Hitachi or Seagate models found on the iZcorp Radar approved list).

(I have been told by a fellow at iZcorp that probably any 68-pin, 15,000 RPM SCSI Hard Drive will work, -but I would much prefer to find a model found upon that iZcorp Radar approved list.)

I have filled out a Hitachi web site inquiry submission, -they have sent the usual automated reply, -but no follow up.

From my own research on the web I have found information indicating that Bell Microproducts Canada & Synnex Canada are the two distributors of Hitachi Hard Drives in Canada.

-But similarly, the problem is contacting them. I managed to get a guy at Synnex in Winnipeg Manitoba -who doesn't seem to think that Synnex handles Hitachi Hard Drives at all. (?)

Mostly they have no email contact & all of the 1800 numbers give you nothing but a "leave your phone number & we'll call you back" message. -Right now I have no phone or fax, -I would need to be able to contact them by email.

Does anyone know an email contact for Hitachi Canada, Bell Microproducts Canada, or Synnex Canada ?

I don't want to be down without an audio drive to work with too long.