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mixologies take 3


i just want to point out that this thread is only for voodoo mixing concepts. i try to have different approaches for every artist/album i do. my point is that not all the things i say in this thread applies to every project i work on.
i've always liked a full bass sound even from an early age. i would always turn the bass up on everyone's stereos in their cars or in their home. i was always the one adjusting everyone's eq's. so once i was behind the controls, i made sure the track had plenty of bottom. the records done in the late 60's and early 70's had bottom but in a different way, which i liked, but i like it more full sounding. and now we have the bandwidth to go a little further...

i dont think i really did anything out of the ordinary when i mixed voodoo. i just had a sound in my head (or should i say "on tape") and i went for it. but i think if you have good tracking skills, great gear and the right band when you're doing the initial tracking helps immensly. other than the obvious flanging, phasing, hard compression, etc, on certain instruments, the sounds are what i recorded. like i said in the last post, i put up the faders and that was basically the sound. so i didn''t do too much eq'ing. i experimented a lot as i had lots of time and freedom to do so, but ended up going with the raw sound most of the time. but the experimenting was not in vain because i learned so much during that time. a lot of the things i came up with i ended up doing with the roots and nikka costa, etc. in fact i couldn't wait to try out my new idea's and tricks with other artists.

i started blending the drums and bass first, this i do in general to start a mix. i eq/blend them at the same time. i know i used an la2a when i tracked the bass and i probably used an la2a and 1176 for the mix. back then i didn't have half the gear i own today (which might have been a good thing).
also a couple of people have pointed out that i slightly panned the drums and bass opposite from each other. not only for more seperation, but i like when things are panned 'cause it makes you feel like there's people in different parts of the room. it feels natural to me because of all my old school influences. and let's not forget that i recorded it to tape, that is definitely a big contributer to the warmth.

by now, everyone know's but let me reiterate: voodoo was tracked and mixed analog.
yes the entire process was analog, including mastering off 1/2". 3 songs (unfortunately) went into pro tools for editing purposes. but i transferred them back to 2" and mixed off tape. we did try and re-do the songs but couldn't get the same feel as the original performances so we just edited the mistakes out. we had over 100 reels when we finally finished. at that time Pro Tools was not the standard yet. But it was on it's way. I did A/B testing with it and i just couldn't believe how awful it sounded. The Digidesign 888's used some of the cheapest convertors you could find. the Adat's and DA-88's sounded way better. Apogee's were much better, but still not as good as the original analog tape source.

i'm sure you know i will be starting a thread about pro tools soon.
i'll be back on this thread with more anecdotes and concepts.

all the best

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