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Fair enough!
Although that sounds slightly counter intuitive to me. I don't really associate tape and fidelity like I do good digital but I'm glad you've managed to get it to work for you.
I take back what I said about the transients. It is definitely obvious. I just wonder what it's like post tape. You don't have audio of that do you?
EDIT: To add, what brand of tape are you using and what level are you recording at?
I think modern people have a tendency to be extremely polarized. There is a lot of overcompensation in the way that we look at things. If you want transients you have to record digital. If you want color you have to record analog. Both are half-truths at best. Analog recording is more fun and sounds better in my humble opinion.

I actually never did that test while running tape. I did not feel it was necessary after testing the channel cards. Right now my machine only has 2 modded cards and I am using them for Kik and synthesizer Bass. The tape I am running is Pyral 911 at +6, no noise reduction. 30 inches per second.