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Hi and thanks for your time.

From health - family to boredom whats the worst length of time you have been at a loss to be creative and had to walk away and do something else instead of going mad?

Nice one


Hi Ben
I really took a lot of time for my kids when they were young and did a lot less music then (2000-2005 probably), but tbh, I have always had to do various things to keep going and sometimes they take priority over music. I do voice overs when I can as a) it's paid work, b) I enjoy it to a certain extent and c) I still get to record and be in the studio. I guess I have always split my time between my own music, other peoples music (renting the studio or working with them on a project) and if the above are not doing anything, voice overs and such..
Being flexible is probably a requirement these days in any independent work form. In the 90's all I did was music. What a great period that was, but now I don't worry about not being creative. If I was making my own music 100% of the time, I would probably hit brick walls more often, but usually when I dedicate a period of time to a project of mine, I am raring to go..