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Hi there and thanks for the question
I used to record either to tape or run everything live to DAT. Over the years the computer replaced the tape machine and the DAT but I do still try and use the computer more like a tape machine. I try not to record short sequences and then repeat them. If I am recording a synth sequence i will often tweak it as it is being recorded and run it for the length of the tune. I still mix on my console rather than in the daw. I'll mix to 2 track tape sometimes too.
The actual writing process often starts with just creating a patch on a modular. I still find that a concrete way of moving forwards and getting inspired. Sometimes I do have a clear idea of what I want to achieve or I have a chord progression I like that I start with though. That side varies.
One thing that I always do though is leave a finished piece for quite a while before listening again. Months sometimes. Then when I first listen to it, I know instantly if it works for me or not.