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Cool man, congratulations! I have thousands of hours on the MTR-90 so I'd be happy to help you if I can answer any questions you have. I do have no idea about the power it draws though.

The only other thing that could come in handy is a stand alone signal generator that can adjust frequency and output in dB and voltage.
You don't need to buy a cutting block as there is one built in to the machine itself.

Try and get a good MRL. They make extremely short versions which can be had quite cheaply (relatively speaking!). We actually had a few issues with accuracy with our last purchase but MRL did fix that quickly to their credit.

EDIT: Try and pick up a couple of Lynx Timeline sync boxes too. They can be picked up for next to nothing and that way you can sync your machine properly by having it chase Pro Tools. Super cool and really useful.
Oh, and I also owned that Otari digital format converter too. A bit of a bitch to use, but high quality.