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Old 6th June 2016
Lives for gear about people posting with Analog prejudice! Ignore that post! And ignore that Boat Anchour type crap about not being able to use that Otari MTR-90 MKII these are great machines more neutral in sound though great to get a very coherent sound from and just recording on 24 track can teach you a great deal.

I'd look for a great Syncronizer from Adam/Smith or Lynx etc, so you can lock to Timecode, though apart from the list you've mentioned grab an Editall tape Splicing block and go JRF magnetics and see how John French works with Analog Recorders, look everyone has to start somewhere and often going back into the past to achieve the Future learned techniques is a great idea.

I'd just be sensible and order a few reeks of 10" tape and Spools and the grab the manual and go for it! Personally I think it's great you want to go back and learn the real Art if recording not just binary crap and codecs etc. Using Analog is an artform in itself and not a bad way to tune up your chops as an engineer,video say 85% on this forum would be phucked if asked to record on 2" 24 Track so more power to you man!

Good for you Man! Enjoy!