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mixology take 2...


as promised...let's get (a little) technical.

D'Angelo's "voodoo" sounds incredible, it's really unique sonically. I'd be very interested to know about your approach to how you achieved that gorgeous low end, smooth vocals and feeling of air, space and dimension on that one. marcus
I would like to know how you approach eq and compression for drums and bass. While I realize there are infinite possibilities, I am particularly interested in your technique for the Voodoo album. I have already read that you use the 1176 and Fairchild 670 compressors, etc.
But i'm more interested in your train of thought or goals when using compression. For instance, are you shortening the dynamic range and then boosting the compressed signal to achieve a fatter drum sound? What about the attack and release settings? Darryl Reeves
i have gone through much experimenting since voodoo. we started recording around november 1995, so that's over 10 years ago. so i was still learning (as i still am today) and experimenting a lot. i knew i got some great sounds on tape though. i remember doing rough mixes with everything flat, no eq or compression or reverb and thinking how good everything sounded...just like that...raw and gritty sounding.

i really loved the sound like that and found it hard to go in any other direction than what the original sounds were like, especially the drums and bass. there were times when i knew i wanted to twist something around with some sort of effect or processing but overall i felt the way to go was simple and raw and in your face.
so my concept was to use the eq's and compressors more for the sound quality of the signal running through the tubes or the transformers rather than extreme eq'ing or compression. obviously there were exceptions, as there always is, but that was my concept when i was mixing. i spent some time getting the blends just right to get the compressor to move things more outward than inward....essentially.

that's it for now....gotta go.
i'll be back though

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