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For vox, I used to have a Great River MP-2NV and an EQ-1NV that was patched in for HP filtering and a little cut around 300-400 Hz upon tracking. Worked great, but I'm trying not to do any EQing upon tracking vocals now. My console has a HPF at 100 Hz (in case it's necessary) and I will use a GML eq for parametric "moves" upon mixing. If you use an EQ upon tracking and an EQ upon mixing, you are downgrading your signal path with an extra "layer" of capacitors and inductors. Less is more!
I seriously doubt near straight wire GML Eq will mess with your input and output signal unless your seriously stupid, often getting sounds to sit properly on the way in can negate the "Fix it in the Mix" type hassles you end up with more so with phase and Acoustic type instruments, I mean it's like reamping when is...enough really...enough? I all depends on the way you work and preferred methods etc, alongside factors like, are you and your clients watching the clock or not? Maybe something to think about! Though certainly a touch of filtering and compression on the way into capturing the signal can save you time.