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Hey Carl,

As others have written, it takes an instant to glance at a funny picture of cats. It takes... an hour or so to listen to an album. It makes no sense to compare the responses to these two completely different things.

It is also important to understand that most people are checking Facebook and such while at work or travelling to/from work (assuming they are not driving or cycling). Social media is a distraction from what they should be doing. You even see it on this forum if you spend enough time here. It is busier during the week and during office hours.

People take "micro breaks" between work activities. Checking a funny picture fits that kind of behaviour. Listening to a tune, let alone a whole album, doesn't fit that kind of behaviour. Especially if they are in a quiet office or are already listening to the radio or some SoundCloud/YouTube playlist.

The other time they check social media is while watching TV. During commercial breaks etc. That means there is already sound going on. Checking silent social media fits in and can be done in parallel with the main activity. Listening to music doesn't fit with the main activity.

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I have lots of things online. Got about 20 songs on streaming services and I also share some "mostly-for-fun" projects on Sound Cloud.
Maybe you are sharing too much? I rarely share my own music on social media but when I do I tend to get positive responses. I have certainly not had someone unfollow or unfriend me as a result. I think the important part is the "rarely" part. I don't saturate people with self promotion so when I do share something, they can either ignore it or invest a little time in listening to it because they are curious.

There is a fine line between keeping people interested and spamming people. (And everyone will have a different threshold between what they will consider too much of a good thing).

You should probably have a different social media persona to share you music so that anything you share goes to people that are actually interested in that rather than your usual family and friends. There is no reason to think they, family and friends, will have the same musical taste as you so there is no reason to think they should like what you are doing. (This has nothing to do with jealousy or anything like that. Just different tastes).

You can of course occasionally remind friends and family that you do music by reminding them of your artist page/twitter_account/FB_account/etc but you have to do this _very_ sparingly because most of your friends and family will simply not be interested. Consider their attention as being very precious and use it wisely. After all, you are expecting something _from_ them. Don't use up their goodwill needlessly.

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Less about "sharing" and more about "marketing" if you will.
Ken Kennedy already gave a great answer to this. It might be more marketing than sharing but it should never ever _feel_ like marketing or you have already lost your audience. When one markets, one want someone's attention. To get it you need to _engage_ their attention. People's attention is a very precious commodity these days. Treat it as such.

My 2 cents on the subject.