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Originally Posted by legato View Post
This could be a good idea.

Also, keep in mind that most are sold via shops or stores. But not all of 'em. For instance, if you buy a Gordon 5 from Grant Carpenter, there's no extra link for wholesale and no extra link for retail. Likely the same with the one Jim Williams makes and offers. (I'd have to check, but he's here so he'll confirm or deny.)
Imagine what a Gordon 5 would cost if it were sold under the GML brand, to name just one.
Plus; is $2500.00 "Per channel"?
This would make a HUGE difference..
If you guys could give me a few hours I could add some stuff to my Pre and make over the $2500.00 mark... ha ha...
Wait, If my JM-130 were sold thru stores it TOO would be over $2500.00...

So; gear sold direct only makes a Huge difference in price as well "Per channel"...

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