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Old 31st May 2016
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I think you need to be careful thinking it's 'them' rather than 'you'. With social media, things tend to go down better that are light-hearted and fun. To keep people interested...posts need to be interesting. Promotion by stealth is the best way (I've found) to keep friends hooked. Post funny stuff AROUND what you're doing with your music, eg. "Here's me having just spilt a whole pint of beer down my front just before I went onstage last night!!!". Stuff that hooks people into wanting to keep checking your music out, rather than stuff that feels like it's compelling them to like it (the WORST kind of posts that will make people drop off like dead flies). And even posts where you're directly plugging something, keep it funny and self deprecating. Also, have separate personal and music social media accounts.
Here endeth the first lesson.