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Nice advice?
Are the PSI a major step up from The Event Opals ? Especially for accurate, translating EDM mixes ?
I wouldn't say a step up, just different. For EDM, I would absolutely pick the Opals, but perhaps it's easy for me to say, mine don't hiss and don't rattle, they are simply awesome. What is also important (to me) is that the Opals are the only monitors I have ever had that also sound musical, they inspire me to make better music.

Please don't confuse this with hifi sounding, it's not that they make everything sound good, not at all. They keep telling you perfectly what is wrong with a mix or master. I listened to the new Sia album, I believe over half of the songs are really good, but I hate listening the songs in my studio, it's so loud, it's scary. Trying to listen to the songs while cranking up to monitors is hurting my ears. Not because the Opals are bad, but the music is (possibly) destroyed during mastering. Now, let's listen to John Mayer Gravity and you can really crank up the monitors to insane levels and it sounds completely under control. I rather not listen to insane levels as I don't want to hurt my ears, but the Opals have no issue with it at all.

When I installed my Opals, my room had little acoustic treatment but I already enjoyed their sonics and my mixes improved. When I did some serious acoustics treatment (this time with help from someone who knows the stuff) it's like my whole monitoring chain has upgraded gigantically. I hear even more below 35Hz, more definition, better mids, better highs, a much improved stereo image with an incredible sharp phantom centre. I can not relate to anything negative that has been said about the Opals. The lows don't mask the low-mid or mid at all, no hiss, no rattle, no port noise, even when driven loud, great mixes sound awesome, bad mixes not so much.

Having said all this, sure there are more great monitors and perhaps you will like the PSI better, a completely valid possibility. Good luck with your search for the right monitor!